5 Ideas for Building Your Own Greenhouse

If you want to relieve stress and benefit from an activity that you are doing, you should take up gardening. But for you to be able to use your garden no matter how bad the weather is outside, you have to build a greenhouse. If a greenhouse sounds like a good idea to you but you don’t know how to build the perfect one, read the following lines. Here you will find out 5 great ideas on how to build it.

1. Plastic bottle greenhouse

If you want to protect the environment, you should build a plastic bottle greenhouse. It’s the perfect way in which you can use old plastic bottles that have become useless. Basically, building a plastic bottle greenhouse is the ultimate upcycling project that you can do. It’s extremely cheap to make because you already have the base material. Also, plastic bottles are extremely efficient materials to use that are weatherproof.

2. Best plants for a year round greenhouse

You most probably want to use the greenhouse as a way to relax and relieve stress, and a way to produce vegetables, fruits, and plants for your own use. For your greenhouse to be useful to you during the entire year, you have to use year round plants in it. The best flowers to plant in a year round greenhouse are chrysanthemums, poinsettias, narcissus, tulips, hyacinths, and crocus. When it comes to vegetables, the best option to go with is to plant delicious tomatoes.

3. Use the California Light Works Solar Storm 880W grow light

To give the plants that you are raising in your greenhouse the amount of light that they need for the photosynthesis process, you have to use led grow lights. The best led grow light to go with is the California Light Works Solar Storm 880W model. You can have it for the price of $1800. It offers full control over the color spectrum. You can switch from the flower mode to the vegetative mode whenever it is needed with the simple flip of a switch. In addition, the unique UVB switch of this led grow light gives your plants an extra boost when their growth phase finishes.

4. Raise the humidity with the Honeywell QuietCare HCM-6009 humidifier

Plants need a perfect level of humidity to grow healthy. Therefore, you have to use the Honeywell QuietCare HCM-6009 humidifier to ensure that they are receiving the needed amount of humidity. This unit can be yours for the price of $120. Due to the fact that it uses less energy than an 80W light bulb, it’s an energy efficient model that won’t cost you much to run. It offers multiple output settings for you to choose from. Also, you can adjust the humidity and set it at whatever level you want. In addition, the dual tanks of the HCM-6009 are easy to fill, carry, and clean.

5. Get rid of the high humidity with the Keystone KSTAD70B dehumidifier

To make sure that your plants grow healthy and that they aren’t exposed to a harmful environment, you have to ensure that the humidity remains at a normal level. For you to be able to maintain a humidity level between 30% and 50%, you should use the Keystone KSTAD70B dehumidifier in the greenhouse. It will cost you only $200 to purchase it. The dehumidifier is perfect for areas as large as 3800 square feet. It can efficiently remove 70 pints of moisture over a 24-hour period. In addition, it’s energy efficient. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about harming the environment if you use it.