Best Zen Style Gardens

Are you a fan of Zen gardens and would you like to create one on your property as well? Don’t you know exactly what steps to follow in order to obtain the desired result? If you find yourself in a situation like this, then you certainly need some help. Therefore, make yourself comfortable and take a look at the following best Zen style gardens, that will probably inspire you to obtain what you wish.

Create a wooden ”moon gate”

This ”moon gate” is one of the most important symbols found in Zen gardens. It is made of wood and it look absolutely gorgeous. Therefore, if you like it too, then create one as well in your garden. It will certainly add a sophisticated look to the whole place. It doesn’t actually matter the size as long as it will look the same as the one presented in the above picture. You must also not forget about the stones which are essential. You can either create a small wall of stone, or you could just place randomly some stones in different sizes. The plants should obviously not miss. Choose a large variety of plants for your new garden, in order to make it look amazing.

Build a garden water feature

Water features are also very common when it comes to this type of gardens. If you like this style, and if space allows you, then you should build a water feature like the one in this photo. We all know that the sound of water is extremely relaxing, and this is the main reason why Japanese people include a water feature in their gardens. Therefore, when designing your Zen garden, make sure that you also build a wonderful water feature. You will experience a deep relaxation while seating on a comfortable chair and reading your favorite book. Again, stones should not miss. If you have the possibility to bring a huge stone like the one in this picture, then the whole place will definitely look amazing. If not, then you can also place smaller stones as well. A great idea would be to place some small stone between the plants.

Organize very well the whole garden

Even if you have a small space, you can still achieve your goal. What you need to take into account is the fact that you will need to organize the whole place very well. As you can see in the above image, the owner has decided to organize the plants in such a way that the whole place looks absolutely incredible. Zen means without a doubt simplicity and organization, and this is certainly one of the best Zen style gardens that are not very complicated to realize at all.