Clean your garden in a few easy steps

If your garden looks like a complete mess and you have to save some time for cleaning it completely, then you might want to read this article first. The items you are throwing away around the garden, the shed which is full of things you no longer need or simply don’t have the space to deposit them – all are factors that make you want to organize your garden better. The good part is that when you start cleaning your garden you will find things you used to think they are gone and you can repurpose them. Read below a series of tips and tricks to follow next time you clean your garden:

What do you need the items for?

Firstly, you have to make sure you know what kind of items you need to keep and what kind of items you need to store away. You can look for storage units Montreal if you don’t want to sell or throw away some of the tools that may rest in your garden without having any purpose. A wheelbarrow, a digging fork, a trowel, a soil knife, some jute, a shrub rake, a pair of nitrile gloves, a shovel, a watering can, and a long hose should never be absent from your shed. These are items you will use all year for taking care of the soil and plants in your garden, no matter the weather.

It’s not a 24h job

You also need to know that each month of the year means you need to do something else in your garden. Cleaning up in a garden is not something you can do in just a single day. In January, you need to draw up your summery planting schedule, to add an extra layer of compost to all the existent plants in your garden and water evergreen hedges regularly. In February and march you can start removing all the weeds, fertilize the borders, shrubs and roses and remove other dead plants around the garden. You can also start planting summer flowering bulbs. In April and May, it’s time to weed frequently and give young trees some extra support. You should also pay attention to snails and slugs, as they tend to wander around your garden this time of the year. You should place supports between tall perennials. In the summertime, make sure you fertilize all the crops and water regularly.  When it gets colder, you can start cleaning out pots and containers and keep the soil around evergreens as moist as possible. As long as there is no frost, you have nothing to worry about

Final thoughts

You should never consider cleaning a garden something you can do overnight or the same way you do it with your house. In order to look good, a garden needs to be maintained healthy throughout the whole period of a year. Make sure you know how to take care of each plant you own and offer extra attention to details for the best results.