DIY family projects to do on weekends

If you are looking for fun activities to fill your time in the weekends next to your family, you are in the right place. Although there are many things a family can do in its spare time, not every activity is engaging enough in order to keep everybody happy and make boredom go away. This is the reason why you should opt for something that makes everyone pay attention and care for details. DIY projects are the answer to your question. Here are some ideas and how to begin working on them:

In the garden

When it comes to decorating your garden, there are so many projects available out there that you won’t know where to start. For the following projects, you will need to buy: some affordable ribbons respecting your own preferences, coloured paint, landscaping fabric, candles, basic assembling tools.

  • Pallet planters

In case all your family loves plants, this will be a delight to create. All you need are some old pallets, your favourite plants, some pots or jars, hose clips and basic tools. Place the hose clips onto the wood panels and fix your pots or jars onto them. After that, you can start installing the plants. Make sure you choose the right kind of soil and water them daily. Kids can help by painting the jars and the pellets at their own choice. Also, they can start using the ribbons for decorating the edges of the jars.

  • Jar lanterns

Another pretty DIY project is making jar lanterns decorated with bows. To create this project, you will only need some jars, paint, ribbons and candles. Let the kids paint the jars and make bows out of the ribbons to glue them onto your future lanterns. Then, wait for the sunset and start placing the candles inside the painted jars. The coloured paint will give a nice touch to the way they are enlightening your garden.

In the house

You will need: paint, rope or strong thread, coloured tape.

  • Stick wall hanging

If you were looking for some cute decoration to create rapidly, ask your children to find the best pieces of sticks they can. In the main time, start preparing some rope to tie the sticks together in a shape of your choice. After that, play with the paint to draw some abstract patterns and use the coloured tape to hide the knots.