Easy garden design ideas with ribbons

Creating a joyful garden design comes at the top of the wishes of garden owners across the world. This will not only offer you the possibility of bringing back to life an out-dated design, but it will also provide you with the opportunity of creating affordable décor elements by using simple everyday ribbons. While not many individuals would consider such pieces for their design, they look amazing in all gardens, especially during the cold months, where the quantity of colourful elements is reduced.  Below are some great DIY design ideas that everybody could pull off with the help of the simple ribbon.

1. Beautify your flower pots with ribbons

If you are not completely pleased with the appearance of your flower pots, you could easily transform those in unique, beautiful elements with the help of a few very affordable supplies. For instance, a roll of everyday ribbon in a bright colour or with playful patterns, as well as a thin layer of transparent resin. A hot glue gun will also be necessary, as well as a pair of scissors, in order to cut the pieced of ribbon at the desired dimensions. Start by cutting the ribbons in the desired lengths, and apply those on your pots with the help of your trusty hot glue gun. Apply a thin layer of transparent resin, and you are all good to go. Wait for the resin to dry completely, and then place the pots around your garden.

2. Ribbon tree décor elements

While your trees might lose their leaves shortly, you can still enjoy a lively garden throughout the year. Invest in a long roll of ribbon, in a colour which you prefer, and several silver Christmas tree globes. While this may be an unusual combination, it will allow you to create a truly special ornament for your garden. Tie the globes on the piece of ribbon at equal distances, and then simply decorate the trees in your garden with those. Create as many strands as necessary, depending on your trees’ dimensions and their number.

3. Create a patio table centrepiece

If you have a set of chairs and table on your patio, you could create a beautiful centrepiece with the help of a large vase, several pieces of ribbons and some dry tree branches. Tie small bows from your piece of ribbon on the branch and then place the branches on your large transparent vase.