Succulent Garden Ideas

Succulent gardens are the preferred choice of those who don’t want a pretentious garden that needs attention daily. These gardens are easy to grow. Also, they require minimal conditions and care. The best part is that they look spectacular in their simplicity. The best succulents that you can use for such a garden are panda plant, aloe vera, echeveria, and Christmas cactus. If you want to create a succulent garden of your own, read the following lines. Here you will find out which are the best ideas for creating such a garden.

Small succulent garden

A small succulent garden like the one shown in the picture above is ideal for surrounding your house with. Thankfully, succulents don’t require a lot of space. This is ideal for those who don’t have a big garden on their hands or for those who don’t want to fill the entire place with these plants. If you surround your house with a small succulent garden like the one that is shown above, you will make a beautiful outline for the house. They will add texture and color to make your home look better than ever. Therefore, add beauty to your home with these spectacular plants by creating a small succulent garden around the edge of your house.

Succulent dressers for the garden and patio

We all have a vintage hardwood dresser lying around that we can’t use anymore. Instead of throwing in out, use it to create a beautiful succulent garden in it. Use the drawers of the hardwood dresser as planters for a stunning effect. Just like it’s shown in the picture, plant the succulents in such a way for the drawer to open and show a row of plants. The bottom drawer has to be opened to the maximum. Plant the succulents at the front part of it. Open the middle drawer for it to leave enough space to not intersect with the succulents from the bottom drawer. Plant succulents at the front side of the opened middle drawer. Also, open the top drawer slightly for it to not hit the succulents planted in the middle drawer. In the remaining space of the top drawer, plant succulents. You can place the succulent dresser in the garden or on the patio after you finish making it.

Turn a broken pot into a brilliant fairy succulent garden

Even the broken pots that you have can be used to create a spectacular arrangement with succulents. Use your creativity and turn all your broken pots into fairy tale succulent pots. Add elements like miniature houses, birdhouses, mushrooms, and anything else that you have to make the arrangement even more spectacular. You can place them around the garden, on the porch, even on the balcony. You can inspire yourself from the picture shown above. Due to the fact that you recycle old items, you help the environment as well. Therefore, put your imagination to good use and create broken pot succulent arrangements of your own.