Tuscan Garden Design

Among all the garden designs you could choose from, the Tuscan design is the one that most brings your garden to life and makes it look spectacular. It’s a combination of bold colors, textures, and natural materials that create a vivid design. Most important, the Tuscan garden has personality and brings the beauty of romantic countries like Italy into your home. Check out the Tuscan garden design we have selected for you and choose your favorite.

    • What makes this patio look amazing is the strong Bordeaux color on the fence and the tiles on the floor that contrasts with the delicate board of the table. The décor is completed by the stylish rough iron furniture and the two large flower pots. If you like to, you can add pots of lavender or bamboo to add even more texture to the garden.
    • This beautiful Tuscan garden is filled with colorful plants that add life to the landscape. You have delicate flowers in a strong fuchsia shade, small shrubs that add green to the décor, and trimmed trees for shade, all completed by an interesting paved alley. It makes for a lovely front garden that will improve your curb appeal but it can also be a backyard design.
    • Sitting on this Tuscan porch makes you feel like you are in an Oriental country surrounded by dunes of sand. Many natural materials like stone and wood create this amazing landscape consisting of a large fireplace that matches a small water feature in a corner. Then, you have the pattern on the floor that is similar to an Arabic carpet and the elegant garden furniture. The overall décor is completed by the carefully-chosen decorations that maintain the Arabic spirit.
    • This gorgeous inner garden is decorated with a variety of plants that create a gorgeous design even without the many colors found in other gardens. The center fountain that matches the tiles on the ground will become the focus point of the garden. A couple of rough iron benches can be integrated to the design to create a relaxation area.
  • Another idea of a Tuscan garden that includes a water feature, this décor is a combination of details that create a mesmerizing garden. The beautiful colors add delicacy to the place, the water fountain is the perfect embodiment of an oasis and you will love spending time looking at the sunset on the comfortable garden armchairs.